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Intervention – When Issues Arise

Intervention – When Issues Arise

Handwriting analysis is a unique resource for employers, educators, parents, and counselors.

In a one-on-one consultation or in a group setting, when the writing becomes the focus rather than the writer, an exchange of ideas, opinions, and solutions can begin to flow. Participants are thrilled to find that qualities they hide or minimize, traits they struggle with, or aspects they are trying to understand can be identified in their handwriting. Then a true dialogue can begin as they connect traits with behaviors and open a door to more productive alternatives.

Handwriting analysis is fun for everyone, a fascinating topic, and a non-discriminating assessment tool.

And in my experience as an analyst in many different situations, it is a unique, non-threatening approach to opening lines of communication. We are products of our experience and perception but the traits we have acquired always have an opportunity to shift and grow as we move through life. Our willingness to understand trait developement, belief patterns, and positive and negative energy drives can help us make better choices.

Contact Debbie to discuss the possibilities for your situation!

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