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Life Lines

Life Lines

They call it brainwriting, but I call them life lines because they can reveal so much about your life experience. To an analyst, the way you turn a pencil, the pressure you place on the pen, the space you fill on the page all reveal certain aspects of your personality. Is your writing large or small, legible or not, rounded or angular, printed or in cursive? To the trained eye, your handwriting reveals characteristics that make you unique. Every mark on a page means something to an analyst but only after careful study can a true personality portrait of the writer emerge.

Handwriting analysis can identify strengths and challenges that affect a relationship in positive and negative ways. Most importantly, it can lead to a better understanding of human behavior.

Graphology is catalogued as the study of handwriting in the Library of Congress under Psychology.

Graphoanalysis® is a specific method of handwriting analysis.

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