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Girl friends

Remember the game of tag? It's time to play again but, in this version,

it's woman to woman. Join us for this Inspired 101 event.

An invitation to inspire women everywhere

It only takes a minute!

  1. Contact a woman (or female teen) and tell her how you appreciate her or how she inspires you. Make it real. Keep it short and simple.

  2. Tell your contact that she is now "It" and gets to tag another woman. Send her either of these links: or

  3. Optional: Let's keep track of the tags and see how many women we can inspire. 

Don't over-think it. Do it now. Make a call. Make several.
Be part of this movement. No frills, no buzz, no drama! 

IDEAS on who to contact & best ways    

Count your tag!

Why: The world needs our perspective, influence, and ideas. Women encouraging each other to stand up, to be heard, and to do what they dream of doing. Imagine women actively inspiring women around the world and being an example for others to follow!

Where: Everywhere

In 1848, the first Women's Rights Convention was held in Seneca, New York, on July 19 and 20. About 300 people attended, about 40 of them were men.There were no telephones, cell phones, text messaging, or email. Communication was different then. Imagine what we can do now!


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