Reminding YOU of your magnificence 

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It's true! You are magnificent. Everyone is, but, sometimes we forget. Too many challenges and disappointments can do that. 

But that magnificence is still there waiting to be rediscovered, accepted, and expressed. 


I have a passion for increasing understanding of human behavior and potential to inspire positive action. So I share stories, motivational pieces, tips, resources, and handwriting analysis to provide a variety of ways to help you realize your true value. Sometimes all we need is a new perspective to put us back on a path of authenticity and fulfillment.  Read more...

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Inspired 101 is a resource for positive action, advocacy, and healing.

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Testimonials / Press


"Very motivational, inspirational, and encouraging; Very passionate and caring – great ideas

to help us move past our weaknesses; Fascinating!"

 Conference and workshop attendees


"Exceptionally well written and ultimately inspiring, "If Roses Were Blue" is a unique and extraordinary read... should be a part of every community library collection..."

Midwest Book Review


(2nd edition now in production)

"A wonderfully encouraging book that speaks simply and positively to heal, enrich, and transform. Filled with thoughtful and practical tips for the caregiver, the survivor, the friend."

Marilyn Van Derbur / Award-winning author and motivational speaker