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There is so much more we can do to encourage, inform, and inspire others to enrich our world!

Here are just a few ways I envision The List being even more available and effective.

Framed versions in public locations, social work agencies, corporations, private businesses, organizations, group homes, schools...

Action committees, study groups incorporating these ideas into their environment 

Art projects designed around the theme of The List or any of the 101 Things

Digital version display in televised national sporting events

Sponsored gifts to schools, libraries, organizations

Buses, billboards, mugs, and backpacks

Public Service Announcements

and so much more!

Want to get involved in some way?

Contact me to discuss the possibilities!

Legislative action!

Help pass the Equal Rights Amendment

Lots of info at

Convention on the Rights of the Child

The United States is the only United Nations state party that has NOT ratified this agreement. 

There is more info at UNICEF. Sign their petition! 

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