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Talk AND listen to your children.
Become involved in your community. 
Be honest with your children.
Speak out on behalf of all children. 
Tell someone. Report suspected abuse. 
Protect all children.
Have integrity: Say what you mean, do what you say.
Feel you’re losing it? .....Go for a walk. 
...Take a bath
...Call a friend.
...Call a hotline.
...Count to 10, slowly. Repeat.
...Step away from your child.
...Stop. Take 3 slow, deep breaths. Repeat.
Demonstrate responsibility.
Spare the rod; spoil the child - with love.
Give praise.
Teach children that life is filled with lessons; mistakes are opportunities for growth.
Donate to a shelter for victims of domestic violence. 
Donate time, services, money to an organization that helps. 
Anonymously donate the cost of a counseling session.
Become a child advocate. 
Join a mentoring program.
Make time for the children in your life.
Read to a child.
Let a child read to you.
Perform conscious acts of kindness.
Perform acts of kindness with your children.
Volunteer for an activity chosen by your child.
Never hit your child.
Never hit any person.
Demonstrate respect.
Be kind to animals.
Respect your children.
Take a break. Don’t break someone’s spirit.
Learn to meditate.
Take a communication class.
Take a parenting class.
Take an alternatives to violence class.
Know that asking for help takes courage and demonstrates strength.
Believe in your potential.
Read a book about relationship skills.
Read a book about parenting skills.
Encourage communication within your family. Make it safe to share/reveal feelings.
Speak the truth.
Get involved in the legal system.
Promise to change your harmful behavior.
Decide NOW to get the help you need. 
After you’ve gotten help, help another.
Never belittle a child.
Never use a child for sexual gratification.
Never torture a child.
Encourage and choose peaceful solutions.
Demonstrate the healthy behavior you want to see.
Heal your wounds. Know you can.
Teach love.
Be an inspiration.
Demonstrate compassion.
Extend courtesy.
Create healthy family traditions.
Make mealtime a pleasant time for sharing.
Honor boundaries.
Honor your own boundaries.
Focus on the positive.
Trust more.
Teach rather than control.
Receive graciously.
Say thank you.
Be the parent you wish you had.
See your children as a gift; yourself as their guide.
Make quality time for yourself.
Share your talents.
Honor yourself.
Nurture yourself.
Remember and honor the child you were.
Do something you wanted to do as a child.
Remember childlike innocence.
Swing on a swing.
Explore the true meaning of love.
Know that love never hurts.
Promote peace.
Learn more about conflict resolution.
Decrease violence. Increase joy.
Write to your legislators. 
Get involved in the political process.
Care more.
Forgive yourself for not knowing more, then and now.
Choose to make a positive difference from now on.
Join a parenting group.
Join a positive women/men's group.
Speak up about injustice. Share your ideas.
Focus on peace. Focus on compassion.
Focus on the abundance of goodness all around.
Expect miracles.
Make wishes.
Renew your spirit.
Be part of the solution.
Share this list.
Make your own list.
Love more.

© 2020 Deborah Jenae. All rights reserved.

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