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Imagination: Anxiety to Action

Updated: Jan 28

To celebrate National Handwriting Day (January 23) and all the merits of handwriting in general (for more on that go here), I've included one of many articles I've published on handwriting analysis. How does it compare to your writing or someone you know?

Dear Reader,

Your have a very active imagination and apply it readily to your daily activities.

Dubbed the information age, news bytes come at us from all directions. Newspaper, television, radio, emails, and social media – all passing on bits of data whether we want them or not. What do we do with all this information?

One direction revealed in your writing is the great “what if?” You worry about what could happen. And I’ve got to say that too much information can give you too much to work with. You may want to limit some of the negative input. Besides, knowing everything that’s happening around you does not, repeat does not, prevent bad things from happening. At best, it keeps us more prepared. At its worst, it keeps us focused on all the things that could go wrong, and that can prevent us from seeing all the things that are going right. If worry is a daily visitor, then that wonderful imagination needs some positive input and direction.

To imagine is to form an image or idea, to see or hear something that is not there, to suppose or assume something. Your writing shows that you’re not so much the new idea person, but the one who runs with the ball; the one who, with data, improves or expands an existing idea or product. And with your experience and wide-ranging interests, you can easily find alternative solutions.

You say you have a number of activities that keep you busy, and your handwriting bears this out. Some tangling in your lines of writing, suggest that you take on more than you can efficiently handle but you like the activity and the involvement. At times this is necessary, but a habit of over-involvement can make one inefficient. ‘No grass grows under your feet’ as you move from one task, conversation, and person to another. You like to know what’s going on and want to be of service. “The more, the merrier” may be cross-stitched on your sofa pillow because it’s a current theme in your life. You love variety.