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A call to action inspiring women everywhere!  Go girl friends! Let's continue to rock our world! 

Thank  You!

Women inspiring women!

From tags and personal conversations, our campaign reached out across the United States and into Canada! Well done! I am sure there were many women not counted on the TAG! You rock! page. So I like to think we reached many more women and girls, inspiring and encouraging them to do the things they dream of doing - using their voice, their talents, their compassion, and creativity.

I'll leave the TAG! You rock! pages up for a while. Feel free to record more tags and post a comment or drop me an email about your experience or suggestions for future campaigns. There will be future campaigns! 

I believe, absolutely, that we need more feminine influence on the planet. Not to stereotype, but it's time for women to get it that their perspective, opinions, ideas, and efforts matter. The planet is out of balance. It takes more than one voice to make a choir and more than one instrument for a symphony, so we need the contribution of many more voices. At the same time, it may only take one voice to get things moving and your voice can make all the difference.

Thank you all for participating. I absolutely love the idea that women across the country and beyond have been touched by your kindness and courage. 

In love and light,
Debbie Jenae

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