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Short Summary

If Roses Were Blue is an adventure story based on the issue of child sexual abuse. Chris, a college student, believes a friend of her young sister is keeping a terrible secret—one that Chris had also kept at that age. With tenderness and insight she tells her story, going back several years to a decision that marked the beginning of a series of rescues, including her own! A lady of light, a boy named Gus, and a stolen dog add to this delightful tale of courage, trust, and friendship


If Roses Were Blue is written primarily for 8-14 year old survivors of abuse to help them realize they are not alone, it is not their fault, there is help, and they are truly lovable and worthwhile. It is not about identification and prevention. The focus is on reminding the individual of their value and potential; it provides an opportunity to understand and begin to move forward. It’s a smile for the survivor’s soul. 

If Roses Were Blue is ultimately about survivors and sharing our story. Not only about what happened with more or less detail, but what we’ve learned and what will help others. Child abuse thrives in secrecy. Healing thrives in remembering our value and potential, finding our voice, and sharing our unique form of expression with our world. If Roses Were Blue reminds us that there is always light.

Book Stats

Dimensions: 5 x 7, hardcover, 160 pages

Color, hand illustrated in colored pencil

Price: $15.95

ISBN: 978-0-9889879-1-3

Language: English

Publisher: Inspired 101; First Edition October 2017

Longer Summary

If Roses Were Blue is about survivors helping survivors by sharing our story and our insights. As a survivor of child abuse, I tell a story about Chris who shares her story to help a young girl whom she believes is being abused. It’s a sensitive topic woven through an adventure that is as uplifting as it is entertaining. Chris’s story begins when she decides to get away from the abuse. She heads through the woods to her aunt’s house and, on the way, she meets a lady of light who knows all about her, a boy named Gus with the same feelings but a different experience, and a stolen dog who they will rescue twice! At the end of the story, the characters ask questions the readers will want to ask. The book also includes a More From The Author section with helpful and relevant information and resources.

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