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2 Hand Signals We Should Know

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I know, it's sad to think about violence, but it is empowering to know what you can do. Here are two hand signals that you should recognize and actions to take if you see them. It's so important, that it's all I'm sharing in this edition.

ALSO, trust your instincts! If you feel something is odd and/or notice a person trying to signal in any way — even if different from those shown below — do something! It could make all the difference.

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By the way, I also saw a video story about a woman calling 911 to order a pizza. Luckily, the 911 operator got it that she needed help. He asked her if the guy was still there. She said: Yes, a large pizza. He asked if she needed medical. She said: No, just pepperoni. He contacted the police.


The Signal for Help was launched by the Canadian Women’s Foundation in response to the social isolation of COVID-19. It's a simple one-handed sign that was created for video call users without being detected by an abuser. The Signal was not meant to call authorities right away. It was meant for the viewer to check in with the person safely to find out what they wanted you to do next. After some exposure by partner organizations, in the media, and on social networks, it is being used in other situations as well (from inside a car, in a residence window, in public). If you see the signal, consider the circumstances before you act. Watch the one-minute video below to see it used in a video call. Follow this Twitter link for a one minute video showing the signal being used in other situations.

Signal for Help used in an online situation. Video length: 0:60