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The Acorn

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

...has nearly all the energy it needs to grow into a giant oak. It won't change into a willow tree, a turtle, or a rose. And with some sunshine and water, it will generally resemble other oak trees.

We as humans have nearly all the energy we need to grow into the person we wish to become. Is our life pre-destined? I don't know. But we can certainly stop and look at our lives -- our experiences, our perceptions, our dreams -- to figure out if we are on the best path for us to follow, to become that human we want to be. Like an oak with many branches, we wear a lot of labels -- brother/sister, parent, child, aunt/uncle, employee, manager, singer, dancer, student, golfer, teacher, friend -- all making us the person we are in this moment. And like an acorn whose intention is to grow into a magnificent oak tree and provide, among other things, the best shade and food for wildlife, it will have challenges to face, too. But it will always remain true to its destiny -- that of an oak. It's about being authentic. When we can stop and appreciate who we are, what we've been through, and where we truly want to go, we create an opportunity for growing into the best human being we can become. We might even recognize that we're already there, living our best life. And in that moment, we become more aware and appreciative of others doing the best that they can do to live a life for which they might feel destined. It only takes a minute to stop and fully appreciate the world around you or something or someone in it. Yet, the glow from that moment can last all day. =)

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