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Happy Happy!

I haven't been in the snow in more than 20 years, so a recent visit to Michigan during their first fluffy snowfall was a real treat. And what a nice beginning to my holiday season with big flakes gently falling to the ground, snow crunching under my feet, and the sheer beauty of snow covered branches glistening in the sun. Thus, the picture to the left.

I love this time of year because of the loving spirit that's pretty much everywhere. Look beyond the commercialism and think about the wave of greetings that sing out particularly from Thanksgiving through the new year. You hear them everywhere: some directed at you, some from you to others, some you overhear. Some are religion or activity specific, while others are more generic and inclusive. It's all about celebrating and it's the spirit of that giving that warms my heart. The lights, food, decorations, carols, friends, gatherings... it's the spirit of sharing and spreading good cheer, it's the reaching out that makes this time special to me and, no doubt, to you. So to all of you and to those you hold dear, I wish you a most joy-full holiday season.

In love and light,

Debbie Jenae

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