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After the storm

What a political season this has been! Name-calling, innuendo, lies, and intimidation have dominated the media, either in reporting it or instigating it. It's sad but could there be a silver lining in such a rumbling, menacing cloud? Absolutely! Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom, or feel utterly helpless, or completely exhausted before we can take a deep enough breath to realize that something's gotta change. That's what I believe will happen. More people will be moved toward positive change. Maybe they'll create or sign a petition, form a local committee or join one, work to put new issues on the ballot, or do all they can to leave a light of kindness wherever they go. Sometimes we feel our effort may be insignificant with a problem so big, but there is always something we can do. It doesn't have to be huge. It takes a lot of bricks to make a building. Someone has to lay the first one. So I'm excited for the skies to clear after this storm. You know what they say? You have to have rain to get a rainbow.

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