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101 Things You Can Do

I wrote this book to offer a different perspective, provide lots of options, increase feelings of empowerment, and encourage much more positive action.

I believe people want to stop all forms of violence, including child abuse, but they don't know what to do. The issue seems too big and too complex. But our contribution doesn't have to start and end on the front line. We don't have to be in the field to stop child abuse. There are countless ways -- at least 101 -- we can do every day to make a difference. We may not always see the results of our kindheartedness, but we can know that the energy from our intention is actively joining with others, embracing our world.

The list of 101 Things was the result of looking at prevention from a survivor and advocate's point of view. Their hopes and wishes are on everyone's wish list: a world where child abuse does not exist -- where people are appreciated, cherished, encouraged, and supported; a world that recognizes the fundamental value of its inhabitants in equality and perfection. And the good news is that a lot of this stuff is easy. We just need a whole lot more of it.

We can transform our world. Step up. Join in!

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