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Compassion in Action

In this post, I'm sharing ways to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey and share just some of the ways that people are helping - not because they get attention, or because there is something in it for them but because they can and they care.

Remember, kindness happens every day, all the time, and everywhere. This is the world we live in!

Social media users are networking to help locate and reach stranded people and animals, locate and arrange to deliver emergency supplies, and offer information for shelter outside the flood areas. Residents outside the flood areas are taking in displaced people and animals or transporting them to safety, temporary housing, and medical attention. Donations arrive from across the United States to help in the rescue and recovery efforts: financial assistance, volunteers, trucks, boats, kayaks, food, water, blankets; animal care, comfort, crates and supplies. Our Neighbors: The Canadian Red Cross launched a donation campaign to make it easier for Canadians to help victims of the hurricane and subsequent floods. The government of Mexico offers troops, convoys of food, medicine, portable showers, and water. Gallery Furniture store first offered their moving trucks to reduce those trapped or stranded. Then they opened some of their stores to serve as shelters. El Bolillo Bakery was baking lots of bread for victims and continued to do so when the bakers were stranded inside the bakery. They've been donating bread (nearly 5000 pieces) to flood victims since Monday. Also ~ • A bride is donating her wedding dress because she knows there are brides-to-be with dresses that were destroyed in the flood. • A tire shop is offering to fix flat tires for free because there is so much debris in the roads, like nails, disabling vehicles of residents, workers, and volunteers.

Imagine the stories of kindness we haven't heard yet!

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