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Mealtime talking tips & RAK Friday

Mealtime talking tips

The people at Boys Town know that when families make the time to sit together and share a meal, they are setting a good example of positive behavior while promoting togetherness, trust, and comfort. And the best way to insure these benefits, is to make it a regular, rather than rare, event. Here are a couple of their game ideas to make mealtime more fun followed by some conversation starters. Adapt them to use in other settings!

Forbidden Letter

Each family member describes their day, with a catch. The person to the left or right determines a forbidden letter, preventing the speaker from using words that begin with that letter. It might be especially helpful for those that tend to say "um" or overuse the word "like."

What's Missing

Everyone, but one person, at the table closes their eyes. That one person removes 1 to 4 items from the table. The first person to guess all missing items wins. Or, have 1 person close their eyes while an item is removed from the table to see if s/he can guess what's missing. Repeat around the table.

Conversation Starters

• If you could have used a superpower today, what would it have been and how?

• Which of your teachers is the best and why?