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Living Aloha

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Hawaii inspires me, plain and simple. Not because of how beautiful it is, because it is that, or how friendly the people are, because they are that. There truly is an all-embracing aloha spirit in the islands and a sense of 'ohana (family) that goes well beyond blood relations, reminding us that we are all connected whether or not we see it. During a recent visit, I was often asked where I was visiting from, to which I responded "California," and added, "but I used to live here." To my delight the response was a broad smile and a warm "welcome back" or even "welcome home." That's the loving spirit of Aloha — more than a greeting or expression of love but a way of welcoming, a way of living. Living Aloha is living with love, respect, appreciation, and connection with all things and all people. It truly is difficult to describe because it's a concept that is all feeling and an awareness that is awe-inspiring. So I wonder how to apply that concept more consciously. What if we all looked at where we live as special? What if we looked around us and remembered a time when this, too, was fresh, new, and held so much potential? Maybe, when we're stressed and discouraged, the only thing that has changed is our attitude and perspective. What if we cast off the disappointments, the unmet expectations, and opened our eyes again to the wondrous possibilities that are still here — just waiting for us to see.

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