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Gratitude with Attitude

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

November, a time for cooler air, warm hugs, and Thanksgiving - a favorite holiday for many. A time to be especially grateful and show that gratitude freely. So this month, I will post 3 more short reminders of just how lucky we are to be here, how easy it is to show our appreciation, and by doing so regularly we send more good vibes out into the world.

#69 Say Thank You Notice the kindness of others. Voice your appreciation in person or in writing. It's never too late to be appreciated, even if the act was a long time ago. Imagine getting a card or a call thanking you – even thanking you again – for being a treasured friend, for a gift that's made such a difference, or a memorable event that still makes you smile. A sincere thanks is always welcome. It may even be received at a time it's needed most — renewing a friendship, lifting a spirit, touching a heart.

Excerpt from my book, Be An Inspiration!

...for reading, sharing, and being part of my mission to bring more love and light into the world.

With soft smiles, Debbie Jenae

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