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It's a Wrap and More!

Gifts that keep on giving and ideas that that work all year long!


According to, over 4.6 million pounds of wrapping paper is used annually in the U.S. Much of it is not recycled, and some is not recyclable. At, "the fancier your wrapping paper is (think anything that's glittery, metallic, or uses foil or other textures), the harder it may be to recycle." So let's rethink the wrap and more!

  • Use new kitchen towels to wrap small presents, hold in place with a colored binder clip or hair clip; use bungee cord instead of ribbon

  • Put unwrapped presents in a storage bin, decorative box, or other reusable container. Use greenery or leftover wrapping paper of any kind or saved tissue paper from previous gifts to stuff the box to hide the gifts

  • Turn old holiday wrapping paper inside out! Decorate the inside with festive symbols or messages

  • Wrap with newspaper and bright colored ribbon or a paper bag and twine (thanks for these, Karen!)

  • Instead of bows (although they can be reused) use candy canes, sprigs of rosemary, leaves, branches with greenery, homemade ornament, cookie cutter

  • Use a gift box meant to be reused for gifting and storing

  • Fill mixing, popcorn, or holiday themed serving bowl with muffins and cloth napkins

  • Baskets: Make one, buy one, fill it!


  • Give the gift of time: child care, pet sitting, share a skill, teach a talent, share a meal, computer/phone assistance. Your presence is your present =)

  • Bundle up and have a play-in-the-snow date (fun for kids and adults! - sledding, sleigh ride, build a snow fort)

  • Go for a walk or drive and enjoy the lights


  • Wine tasting, pottery class, kayak rental, balloon ride, tickets to a play, musical-charity-special interest event

  • Make a donation to a charity that has special meaning for them

  • Decorate the home (inside or out) for someone less abled

New to them

  • Use a glass cutter on an old wine bottle to make a candle holder, drinking glass, vase, pencil/paintbrush holder

  • Head to the thrift store for that one of a kind cake plate, serving tray, salad bowl and fill it with treats, bak