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Like a long haired dog

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

In difficult times, we wonder what we can do to make it easier, to fix it, to help. In times like these, we may feel the issue is too big and not know where to start. Truth is, we are all a part of this environment, we all contribute to it. So we can start anywhere by bringing more of what we want to see into the world. To affect change, we have to start by identifying the condition we want to change. Let's talk about violence as an example. We know that using violence to stop violence only creates more violence. It's simple math. So the next step is to focus on what we want instead. What would a nonviolent more harmonious world look like? If it's kindness, compassion, and freedom to be ourselves in love and creativity then that's what we do. Be more kind, compassionate, and express your authentic self lovingly and creatively. If we want to see more of that, we have to put it out there as an example for others to follow, not to mention the whole positive energy movement that you're creating by your positive actions. Next: Acknowledge and appreciate those qualities in others.  

It may not seem like much but we have to start somewhere. And I, like you, believe that kindness is contagious. So let's spread more of that. We can even leave our masks on to do it! So let's get creative! And while we're at it, let's choose to believe in each other. We can do this! Choose to be a positive presence. When you get discouraged, stay with it for a moment and honor the feeling, then shake it off like a long haired dog after a swim in the lake. Shake every muscle from head to 'tail.' Shake it all off and shine on. You are so much more than you realize!

In love and  light,

Debbie Jenae Be well, be safe, be inspired!

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