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LOVE never hurts.

LOVE is never violent. Ever.

Anger and fear can create violence, but LOVE never hurts. What some people call love may hurt, but it's not love that's causing the pain. It's the absence of love that hurts.

LOVE can make you do crazy WONDERFUL things.

LOVE IS our essence. LOVE is pure, uncluttered, and limitless. It resides in each and every one of us waiting to be released, shared, expressed, and experienced in its fullness. It nudges and inspires us to be true and, like the air we breathe and the space we inhabit, it connects us to everything. Love is patient, kind, encouraging, nurturing, and healing. It can take your breath away, put you at a loss for words, completely surprise you, and slowly inner-whelm you. Love comforts, love inspires, love is everywhere. LOVE more.

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