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Making our marks

Regardless of the month, or the event, women will continue to make their marks! By our actions or our inaction, through our voice or our silence, from our most assertive to our most gentle—our presence is part of the story of this time. The choices we make today, and in each moment, may or may not make the history books, but they will definitely leave a mark on tomorrow. Let's give it everything we've got!

By the way, I focus on women and girls finding and using their voice because I believe that is the key to creating the balance we need now. There is no intention to exclude or blame men and boys but we do need to be aware of the dynamic of male dominance that has played out for so long in human history. It didn't start that way. Yet, it makes me wonder about collective internalized guilt on both the feminine and the masculine that may be blocking our path. So we need to be more aware, curious, and honest about our stories through the ages to help us all, individually and collectively, make better choices for a more harmonious world. Imagine that! It's possible. It's happening!


  • Ask US President/Congress to finish some old business. These three issues have been in the works for years. I am still looking for advocacy and petition links, and will send as soon as I find them.

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