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March Miracle

A recent discussion about the need for more rain in California led to a comment— "We need another March miracle!" — referring to a time years back when a deluge ended that particular period of drought. That led me to think the world could use a March miracle. All the division and in-fighting in this country isn't helping the much larger social climate and now we have a virus that is scaring the beejeebies out of many many people worldwide. Of course it needs attention, but the continual focus on anything but the solution just adds to the fear, and with so much fear there is little room for joy, optimism, and hope—all qualities needed to find that solution. Meanwhile, less travel, less touching, less group activities, less in-person interaction. So sad. It seems this crisis is separating us even more. But, wait!

Maybe a March miracle is up to us! Not that we, necessarily, can change the virus but we can change the climate. An issue that is affecting people worldwide is a worldwide opportunity for people to pull together, to actually be more supportive of each other, and to dare to believe that this, too, can and will be resolved. It's time to believe in the best in each other.

We are surrounded by brilliant people from all walks of life who can and will come up with a solution to this and other challenges. And there are even more people across the planet with brilliant ideas to share to make our world a whole lot more loving. Maybe we need to listen. And when we don't, maybe we need the hell scared out of us to get us to finally take action. And that's a good thing, because I, for one, want the hell scared out of me so all those good feelings we all enjoy so much can come rushing in. =)

Imagine if we actually listened more. One idea may not seem credible on the surface, but the opportunity to hear about it might give someone else something to think about, to tweak, and adjust, and come up with… another miracle. After all, isn’t a miracle simply an unexpected solution to a problem that seemed impossible? We’ve faced a lot of impossibles in our history. Maybe, instead of getting all caught up in the fear, we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed with hope and trust and knowing that we can do a whole lot better… when we truly listen, speak up, and actively care more. When we change the climate around us, we'll remember that it's all a miracle.

Image: pixabay

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