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"Mugged" =) in Santa Ynez

In November 2021, I set up a booth (actually an umbrella at a pre-existing picnic table) at UCSB (University of California at Santa Barbara). My intention was to encourage students and staff to write a kindness note on a recycled paper link to add to a record-breaking chain that was being created by Kids for Peace (read all about it at the link). To attract some attention and because it was fun, I offered tips from my tip jar. They were a surprising hit! Recently, at a local event and in my first sales booth (for my mugs and books) I, again, featured the Tip Jar and, again, it was a big hit. Who knew? Of course, I was delighted because that was the intention of the tip jar—to delight those who take a tip. I believe, as has happened to me many times, that the message we need to hear can arrive from some surprising places: a bumper sticker, a television program, a cloud formation, overheard in public, from a friend, or on a piece of paper from a tip jar. =) And that's the long lead in to the occasional new feature added to this newsletter:

From the Tip Jar!

Here is the first random tip: Imagination is your guide. The thought behind it: Although it can be helpful to refer to previous experience when choosing a course of action, if we want a different or even better result, we need to be able to imagine it. When we hold that focus, we've created a path to follow and a place for the light to enter.


I have added 2 new designs to the Inspiration Mugs series! Click on any of the mug images to visit my Store for more. To read the Inspiration that comes with each design, click here. Note: all of the mug inspirations are included in my little booklet, "Your Light, Your Life!" also available at my Store.

Magic happens! This mug has added bling (European crystals)!

Love is...

It's Good to be Queen

I changed the color of the Queen mug (I still have a few of the original available in my Store). And it has an additional crystal in the center of the crown—more to her majesty's liking, I think.

So fun! Check out my Store for more!

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