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Remember child-ish bliss!

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Everything is new to a child. They find absolute delight in the smallest things and expect some level of adventure at every turn. That innocence, that mountain of hope-full-ness needs reviving. Remember the simple pleasures — riding your bike, making a new friend, fresh popcorn at the theatre, building sand castles on the beach… Let those memories wash over you and bring a fresh perspective to the world around you. That world of adventure is still here; you may simply have forgotten how to see. Bonus: as an adult, you have resources to revisit the wonders you experienced, or the ones you missed, and create more in real time. So, swing on a swing, slide on a slide, fly a kite, build a tree house, ride a skateboard! Capture the joy in the activity you choose, because the more joy you feel — from tiny sparkles to full on fireworks — the more you bring in. Set your sensors to high and welcome child-ish bliss!

November 20 is Universal Children's Day, a day sponsored by the United Nations to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improve children's welfare. There's lots you can do to support the UN's efforts every day. For ideas, visit the 101 Things section of my website.

Read more at the UN world-childrens-day

NOTE: The above is an excerpt from an upcoming book on the many things we can do to WOW our world. Stay tuned for updates!

Image source: Prawny on Pixabay

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