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Resilience and abundance

April 2019, 2 years later

Last week, I was driving through the area devastated by the Whittier Fire near Santa Barbara, California; the one that burned more than 18,000 acres in July/August of 2017. Notice all the small purple flowers among the greenery covering the hillside. We've had so much rain this year (Yay!) that there's flowers in places I've never seen them before. And it's delightful to see so much color in all those areas along the road that were torched just 2 years ago.  

August 2017

The image on the right was taken in that same general area just after the burn. (See the Flip Side of Loss, in the August 2017 edition of Inspired101 News). It reminds me, again, of the concepts of abundance and resilience. From a loss so shocking to a renewal that is so humbling. Nature, gotta love it! But, wait, we're part of that program too! Our abilities to adapt and thrive are also humbling. Remember back to a difficult time you thought you couldn't handle, but did. There you go! Build on that. =)

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