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It's February already and I have been diligently and excitedly working on the second edition of Be An Inspiration! to be released Spring 2023. It's always been a book about creating a world we want to see—free of violence of any kind and filled with love and harmony. In this new edition, I've changed, combined, and added some things. I've also added more resources. AND the title may change to reflect the new list and its intention. WOW!

On that note, Inspired 101 and this newsletter has always been to promote understanding of human behavior and potential, increase awareness of ever-present goodness, encourage optimism, and inspire action for a more loving world. 2023 is also the 10 year anniversary of Inspired 101 News. So there's been lots to think about going forward. For now, I'm sharing the love with two excerpts on love from this upcoming edition. The first one is new.

53. Do the loving thing.

Sometimes we get caught up in fear and start questioning our abilities and intentions. We don’t want to do the wrong thing or make a mistake, and we worry what others might think. Doubt creeps in resulting in indecision and inaction. At times like these: stop, shake off the anxiety, and take a few deep breaths until you feel more settled. Then ask yourself what is the loving thing to do in this situation? The answer may not come right away. It may also appear as an image or an instinct to do something unrelated, but make room for the answer to come because it will come. How will you know if it’s the loving thing to do? It should feel good.

80. Know that Love never hurts.

We use the word a lot. We love food, we love that song, we love that car... It’s a way to express our passion and delight, and that's a good thing. But sometimes love gets confused with pain. There are plenty of lyrics and movies about how love hurts, but, really, it doesn't. Sure it hurts to love someone who doesn't love us back but it's not love that's causing the pain; it's the absence of it. Our resistance—through lack, disconnection, or a belief in how others define love—is what hurts. Love is pure, uncluttered, and limitless. Love, in and of itself, cannot hurt. Love comforts. Love inspires. Love is everywhere!

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