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Think your voice doesn't matter? Think again!

Another Women’s History Month is winding down reminding us of how far we’ve come, what needs to be changed, and what we can do going forward. And there’s always something we can do, from big things to lots of baby steps, it starts with a conscious choice for the better. We can choose to be curious rather than criticize. We can choose sharing over silence. We can choose to believe our ideas, thoughts, and feelings all have merit and we can choose words and model the behavior that we know reflects the greater good. We can do this! Individually and collectively, we can manifest a better world for everyone. Find your voice. Use your words, your talent, your experience, and your contacts in a spirit of equality, compassion, and freedom. Thank you for all you do!

I love the above image but cannot identify the source. So thank you, whoever you are for creating it!

Our voices matter!

Click the image below to watch the 1 minute, 40 second video from the

World Economic Forum.

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