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Three wishes

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Many years ago, shortly after moving to Hawaii, I received this card from a group of friends at a new age type book store that I had frequented in California. The inside was blank except for all of their well wishes. :-)

I don't know what's behind that rosebush but, as I sit here today, I think of these three words:

There are lots of words we could use to describe those three, but today, here are mine: Peace as in contentment, understanding, and trust. Love as in that source energy within us and all around us that causes life to exist in all its forms; an energy that inspires, connects, and inner-whelms. And Joy that brings smiles, gratitude, and generosity. I'm thinking, too, that each merges with the other, follows and leads the other like hundreds of birds (:30 video) swirling and swarming in a graceful dance only they understand, all acting independently and cooperatively while creating a vision in harmony. Peace, Love, and Joy to you always. With love and light, Debbie Jenae

Share the love, share this post! Source: The Secret... card: Gage Taylor, 1985, Visionary Publishing, Inc. Source: Peace•Love•Joy image: Debbie Jenae

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