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March for Peace

I marched in Ventura, California on January 21, 2017 with an estimated 2,500 people. Most of the people there, a mix of male and female, marched not against something but for peace, kindness, and equality for all. Sure some had specific reasons and causes, but few railed against the new president. Most wanted to be part of a process that was inclusive, positive, and visible. They wanted to stand up and be with others of like mind, be a part of something instead of feeling like they were doing nothing. And I can tell you the energy was amazing. I can only imagine what it must have been like in the larger cities. The mainstream media likes to pick out the more sensational, aggressive, even angry images but that's not what I witnessed. There were far more that simply held visible signs of... peace. Here are some of the signs you may have missed. Again, these were just in Ventura, California:

673 sister marches around the world 4,797,500 marchers

As I suggested in last month's newsletter (with additions), what an exciting opportunity for women (and the many men who joined them) in such numbers to make a stand for human rights. Whether you participate in a march or get involved in a resulting project afterward, get ready to get caught up in a swirl of positive energy and know that your sisters (and brothers), worldwide, have got your back!

Source for the march estimates above were obtained on January 22, 2017 from FYI: This is an estimate, since many more may have marched without registering that intention on this site.

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