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Believe in your potential.

Talk and listen to children.

Radiate respect. 

Get involved in your community.

Honor the spirit in others.

Maintain a daily practice of mindful awareness.

Feel you’re losing it? …Go for a walk.

…Take a bath.

…Count to 10, slowly.

…Call a friend.

…Call a hotline.

…Stop. Take 3 slow, deep breaths. Repeat.

…Step away.

Take a break. Don't break someone's spirit.

Speak up for a child.

Spare the rod; love the child.

Tell someone. Report suspected abuse.

Have integrity. Say what you mean, do what you say.

Protect all children. 

Give praise.

See a mistake as an opportunity.

Be honest with children.

Empower victims of domestic violence.

Donate the cost of a counseling session.

Gift your time, services, money to a vision you support.

Discover your sacred space.

Join the kindness movement.

Make time for the children in your life.

Read to a child.

Embrace each stage of a child’s development.

Connect with a mentoring program.

Respect the rights of every child.

Demonstrate responsibility.

Enhance your child caring and awareness skills.

Take a communication class.

Remember your magnificence.

Share your talents. 

Make it safe to share feelings and ideas.

Let fear be a nudge, not an anchor.

Resolve old beliefs around power, intimacy, and control.

Take an alternatives to violence class.

Know that asking for help takes courage and demonstrates strength.

Heal your wounds. Know you can.

Accept the help you deserve.

Share your wisdom.

Choose your words with care.

Engage in healthy play.

Do more of what you love.

Spend time in nature.

Celebrate your efforts.

Speak the truth.

Ask: What is the loving thing to do?

Be an inspiration!

Extend courtesy.

Create family traditions to cherish.

Trust more.

Make mealtime a special time to nourish and connect.

Teach rather than control.

Honor the boundaries of others.

Define and defend what is right and true for you.

Receive graciously.

Say thank you.

See children as a gift, yourself as their guide.

Be the parent you wish you had.

Treat yourself with the respect you deserve.

Appreciate the journey.

Reconnect with the wonder.

Manifest a childhood dream.

Learn something new.

Revive childlike innocence.

Promote peace.

Contact your legislators.

Get involved in the legal system.

Participate in the political process.

Decrease violence. Increase joy.

Rethink, redefine, recycle.

Model the behavior you want to see.

Explore the true meaning of love.

Know that Love never hurts.

Be curious.

Turn conflict into a shared accomplishment.

Release the (k)nots.

Care more.

Forgive yourself.

Cultivate a positive oulook.

Smile more. 

Begin each day knowing you make a difference.

Get moving!

Focus on peace. Focus on compassion.

Gather for a common cause.

Promote equality, inclusion, and cooperation.

Renew your spirit.

Delight in the abundance.

Expect miracles.

Make wishes.

Be part of the solution.

Share this list.

Create your own list.

Love more.

© 2020 Deborah Jenae. All rights reserved.

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